The Middle School Principals' Association of the City of New York is a group of professional educators who recognize and value the educational, social and emotional needs of young adolescents. Our mission is to provide vital support, collaboration, teamwork and professional growth, as well as advocate for middle school education as a distinct entity for young adolescents in New York City through the following;

  • Facilitating best practice and supporting the administration and supervision of middle level educational programs
  • Representing middle school administrators in professional and public discussions of policies and educational programs unique to the middle school student
  • Collaborating and maintaining professional relationships with other associations that provide experiences for middle school educators
  • Providing opportunities and resources that assist in the professional development and continuous improvement in the attitudes, performances and practices of middle school educators

The Middle School Principals' Association is an organization that has evolved through the years and continues to provided Middle School Principals with the support and collegiality that is essential in providing leadership to the middle schools of New York City.


Welcome to the Middle School Principals' Association website.